Who We Are

The way that a company operates has far reaching consequences for its customers, employees, directors and shareholders. It contributes to the quality and cost of the services it provides and influences the values shared within.

BenchMark measures and compares precise collective knowledge from successful companies to plot the route to best practices in all operational processes. We help our clients through consulting, benchmarking and research to make continuing success a little easier to maintain.

BenchMark has a unique proprietary best practices knowledge base incorporating strategies, organizational structures, policies, business processes, technology support and information about the effect on the business success in the financial services industry.

Building with Glass Wall

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Additionally, the knowledge base consists of operational performance ratios for a wide range of financial services consumer and commercial lending segments. The data comes from more than 40 markets around the globe. The detail levels and comprehensiveness of assembled best practices and performance values are unparalleled.

BenchMark has worked with 36 of the top 50 (in asset size) commercial banks, all major vehicle captive finance corporations, several of the largest consumer finance corporations and many national and regional banks throughout the United States. Outside the US, BenchMark has served more than 80 financial services groups inĀ 40 different countries.